Friday, 22 July 2011

happy weekend

an indoor beach photo today as a backdrop. this photo print from a nearby headland was given to us by our lovely neighbours when they moved. 
thanks victoria!
sydney is experiencing the wettest july in 30 years and the rain continues to bucket down.

have a happy weekend wherever you are!



  1. gorgeous print, and the bottles are a bonus~

    hope you don't have flooding and the rains simmer down for you...

  2. Hi Cheryl
    Great seascape.. and yes.. it is definitely indoor weather.. in fact I was just thinking i haven't taken any photos myself in eons.. to wet outdoors too dark in..

    Have a great.. *wet" day... it's supposed to clear up tomorrow.. I sure hope so.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. oh wow what a gorgeous photo!

  4. Pretty as always. Wet, cold and alone. What else is there to do but Blog. Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful ocean photo! Hope the rain isn't too bad and lets up soon.

  6. Loving the bottle display in front of the print!
    Looks amazing x

  7. your flowers and bottles look so pretty cheryl, especially against the backdrop of the ocean image!! lovely! do have a wonderful weekend!!
    Laura x

  8. Perfect!! Stay dry..., and have a wonderful weekend!

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