Friday 20 April 2012

easy living

hello..i thought today we could talk about "fashion", not that i'm that into fashion. i do love clothes & shopping but usually go for classic, casual things i can live in, styles that last season after season.

cooler weather for me means cardigans, white t shirts, comfortable jeans or cargo pants. mostly neutrals & naturals, cream, grey, navy, beige with some stripes, light blue or cream scarves. 
relaxed, easy living on the coast. 
these are some of my favourite finds on pinterest.

love a cream scarf with grey

ribbed oversized cardigan
i bought one similar from sportsgirl in grey
i think they have beige too

for something more dressy
love a vintage navy blazer with a white t shirt
hunt thrift shops or your partner's or parent's wardrobe

gorgeous knits for him or you
i have a thing for anchors

sporty nautical stripes

loving this loose fitting style with faded denim

what's your style?

via beachcomber my style on pinterest


  1. Nice fashion choices!

    My style? Classic dressing - blue jeans, white shirt and navy double breasted wool blazer (I love my Brooks Brother blazer) for the cooler weather.

    Between seasons, blue jeans, white t-shirts. I love deck shoes.

    In summer, there is no way I'm wearing jeans :) - between June and September, temperatures are in the high 90's - 115; I live in shorts and t-shirts at home, or full skirts and knit tops at work, worn with sandals.

  2. Classics are my style too but I also wear way too much black. Must be the slimming thing. HAve a great weekend

  3. We get pretty cold winters where I live, so my style is chunky sweaters, jeans or stretch pants and I'm a scarf addict, as well as boots!! In warmer weather, I like to wear tank tops, t-shirts, sundresses, and capri pants (I wasn't blessed with skinny thighs)to wear shorts. I also love flip-flops and sandals.

  4. love the soft loose tunic top!
    very nice

  5. Oh, I love that sweater with anchor (I have that thing for anchors too!) which would go with my sport/classic style.

  6. These are all nice, I was a bit nautical today with a CR stripe top and denim shorts, ropey kind of sandals. The weather wasn't playing but at least I looked the part!x

  7. Nice pictures. My style reminds a lot of your pictures *smile*.


  8. You did a beautiful job putting this together. I would wear all of them and I especially like the anchor sweater top.


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