Saturday, 14 May 2011

coastal blues

this dreamy white home is from my favourite book at the moment - decorating with blue & white. located on the south african coast this house blends perfectly with its stunning surroundings ..

love the comfy sofas, the casual mix of blue and white and the view
gorgeous rustic bed against the all white background

how's this for a bedroom location?

a place to soak up the scenery

love all the white timber work

cute rustic timber kitchen, not the mass produced kind

there's something about hanging pots

hope you're having a great day.



  1. Could this not be THE most perfect house EVA!!!!! Oh my gosh I am so in love!!!!!! Look at that view!! *sigh* Thank you for sharing Cheryl!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love this beach house. I am a big fan of blue and white.

  3. I love this as much as you. I have seen one of the homes before in a magazine that I have and I love it. Beautiful simple lived in decorating. And I love non-massed produced kitchens also. So much character. Have a great weekend Cheryl! Leahxx

  4. It certainly would be hard to shift oneself from that view if it were mine. Imagine living that close to the beach!!

  5. Hey there, I've popped into your blog so many times and just realised I hadn't followed! So, am now your newest follower! Love the blue and white images, so nautical and so relaxing! xx

  6. I just recently brought this book too! Isn't it a wonderful book, and oooohhh that view is divine :)

  7. I'm absolutely loving that casual living room..., view is so stunning.

  8. I love blue and white too. These rooms are beautiful. Did I miss the name of the book though? It looks like one I'd love.

  9. marcia, the book is called decorating with blue and white by gail abbott. x

  10. Just charming... I love the combination white/blue, so cosy.

  11. Can I just jump into the book for awhile! I promise to stay out of the way!! Soooooo amazing!

  12. I love blue and white. And I too love this house.
    Have a great week
    Best Carolyn

  13. I need to spend a weekend in that perfectly furnished the blue and white - so calming.


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