Tuesday, 10 May 2011

kitchen organiser

remember the little office space i made a while ago..
it's had a makeover and transformed into a kitchen organiser.

the shutters are a great place for hanging favourite utensils, apron, note books and chopping boards. the table is useful as extra bench space and would be great for young cooks not tall enough for kitchen benches.

the table, the old box and the aqua bowl were garage sale bargains and the shutters were an ebay find. the little cup and saucer and the vintage rolling pin i found at st vinnies.

i found these mini hooks at a kitchen wares shop

i like the all white with a touch of aqua and red

happy cooking!

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  1. I love your charming little organizer. I love the aqua. I've got tiny touches of red and yellow in my kitchen.

  2. How cute.. I love it.. and so organized... I have the same chopping board.. somewhere.. hehe

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. This looks beautiful and oh so organised. I am looking for a little shutter myself after I have seen what you can do with them. Stunning
    Blogger is down today in Australia but you seem to have posted OK. Are you using blogger or something else.
    Have a great week
    Best Carolyn

  4. ooh..i've been having trouble with it, unable to edit. i looked up on help topics and switched to older version and it worked! not like me to fix things myself. c x

  5. I love learning about where all your bits and pieces come from to make up your kitchen organiser space. And I adore how you've pulled it all together. Lou Lou xo

  6. Looks great Cheryl...love the little pops of aqua and red! ~Deb~

  7. Love what you have done here, it works so well, wish I could find some window shutters :) x

  8. Your kitchen organizer is awesome and accessorized perfectly!

  9. I love your organized space! The star fish and aqua caught my eye in the thumbnail. I'm a beach person too and aqua is my new favorite color!
    Thanks for the inspiration you have given me some ideas to work with.

  10. Oh this is so pretty, fit for a magazine!

  11. Love this~ Red, white and aqua are a favorite combination of mine too! :)

  12. Looks really nice. Love the colors--great idea! Thanks for linking up your post to my party--

  13. Lovely! I really like those coffee mugs too--all so pretty. Have a great week. Patty


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