Friday, 6 May 2011

mama mia!

      i've been to greece....

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love the white rendered exteriors, blue woodwork and the
  bouganvillea against it

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pink with rustic doorway and shutters

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blue and white   stone pathways   anchor detail

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spearmint smeg

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spectacular water colours

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in my dreams...



  1. Amazing that one place can offer so much beauty. I just added it to my 'to do before I die' list. Have a great day
    Best Carolyn

  2. I would love to go to Greece! I adored Mama Mia and the area that they filmed in it, just gorgeous!!! I never say the play though.

  3. You have a great eye for eye candy!

  4. I vacationed to Greece two years ago. Santorini is where I want to die. I'm not kidding. The most beautiful place I've ever seen.

  5. OMG, the colour of that water really makes me want a holiday. (the ocean and the pool that is). I love the aqua bathroom. Just beautiful!! Leahxx

  6. Lovely pictures! My favorite place to go for a holiday is Greece! We have been islandstrolling there almost every summers for the last 11 years, and are looking forward to spending 3 weeks travelling on the greek islands this summer! Joohoo :D
    I have posted som pictures in my blog if you feel like dreaming som more :D
    (you can find it under the header "øyhopping" or "island hopping")
    Have a wonderfull weekend! Hugs

  7. Despues de esta entrada mi color favorito será el turquesa!!!!

  8. after seeing this wonderful post, I realize that my favorite color is turquoise!
    Thank you and happy weekend!

  9. Wow...your photos are just amazing! They are all so beautiful with such lovely bright colors.

  10. All the white and blues..., and some pops of other colors against that..., is just so gorgeous, and kind of uniquely greek, isn't it. I've been there in person, but a loooong time ago. It was my very first vacation without my parents when I was 17.

  11. Well I hope you will come one day!AriadnefromGreece!


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