Thursday 30 June 2011

the south end

the south end of our local beach 

a small hotel

a calm mood

coffee art

sweet indulgence

there are tons of cafes in the main street
this one stands apart away from the crowd

lone swimmer

is this winter?

this is where i like to do laps
summer only

this lovely statue stands at the entrance to the pool in memory of Mina Wiley who, along with Fanny Durack, were australia’s first two female olympic swimming representatives.
the first gold and silver swimming medals for a women’s event in the history of the olympics went to Durack and Wylie.

c x


  1. No on the posts. But yes on the beautiful photos of your beach area. It seems very colorful and charming.

  2. No on the posts-but Oh my goodness that beach is gorgeous! I love the lone swimmer/snorkeler too! Amazing!


    Erin @

  3. No but it's hard to type. Only every other letter coming up
    Love your beach

  4. Hello Cheryl!
    Oh my, you live in paradise! Wow it's so beautiful!!!!!!

    I have trouble with everything on blogger today. I can't post at all. :(

    My camera is just a simple one. I have a Canon EOS 1000D. I will by a new one too...

    Have a wonderful day in paradise!
    xoxo Susanne

  5. There your are living?! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I neeed to visit Australia one day! yes, today I have problems with posting, and with my "readers-list" - I can not see it since a while, and sometimes it´s not possible to post comments to others...makes me sad :o/
    wish you a lovely "winters-"day today. Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  6. oh i do love a *fix* at coogee with you sweetie- can't believe that is winter!

    three years away and you almost forget how perfect a sydney winter can be!

    have had many happy swims at wylies with my sister in law who lived up the road when we all started having kiddos...

    thanks for the endless eye candy!

    melissa xx

  7. what a gorgeous place you live in. I love blogging to be able to visit such far away places. Love the cafe and coffee art. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF. xo Debra


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