Saturday, 28 January 2012


just dropping in to thank a few lovely bloggers for featuring my blog recently.
i really love this collage made by sarah from squeezed daily tropical living. stop by & see the top 5 blogs that rocked sarah's world in 2011.

a huge thanks to brenda from cozy little house who did a special feature about my blog. very much appreciated!
& mary boogie board cottage , courtney french country cottage for featuring some of my posts.

thankyou for all your visits & lovely comments. i'm always inspired by your kindness.

wishing everyone a great weekend!
hope the rain stops soon for those in Queensland and northern NSW.



  1. What a nice thank you and a beautiful collage of all your work!

  2. Hi cheryl, thats a fantastic collage!! wow! will try to visit the blogs you mentioned!!
    hope you have had a great week,
    laura xxx

  3. Beautiful collage and congrats on the features, your blog is always so amazing!

  4. Hi Cheryl, I always love the pics on your blog. I just take a big breath of sunshine when I visit. I'll be visiting the blogs you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Beautiful collage. Congrats on the mentions, you deserve it. Have a lovely weekend. Leahx

  6. A beautiful blog deserves to be featured..... congratulations. I adore your photography
    Carolyn xx

  7. the collage of your blog looks good on your blog! Thanks for sharing :)
    Sar x

  8. Hi Cheryl, long time, no chat chat! Love your collage and the constant vibrancy of colour. Such aussie pride to know that your pics are true and local. we're hoping for a break in the rain, Australia Day was fairly dry but it's bucketing down again right now as I type! hugs and happy days to you. Jane x

  9. Ah, you deserve all that comes your way, you are a great ambassador for Australian tourism.

    Still raining up here but lucky not so beach trips this weekend;(x

  10. Beautiful collage and beautiful pictures!

  11. This all pictures are so nice.Thanx to share with us.

  12. What a beautiful mosaic. Just love it, and so nice you were featured by another blogger. Very sweet of her.
    Blessings, and may it bring you many more followers.


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