Friday, 10 February 2012

feeling good

ever wondered why we feel so good at the beach? 
well there is a scientific reason. the sea air, the beautiful blues and views.. do make us feel good but there's more to it than that.

it's the negative ions that have a positive effect on us. 
a friend who was a flight attendant was telling me they were advised to get down to the beach after a long flight to get some negative ions to help with sleep and jetlag.
i've been doing some reading about this as well as a lot of first hand research & experimenting :) the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing i feel when i'm right on the coast is so good i want to go back for more. many of us crave that feeling and some are more sensitive to the effect of negative ions than others.

negative ions are depleted in modern indoor environments by televisions, computers, microwaves ,air conditioners etc. 
negative ions are found in abundance near moving water, breaking waves, rivers, waterfalls, after storms, in the mountains, in forests, even showers and can have beneficial effects on our health and mood. they are produced when moving water or air break apart air molecules. 

it is thought they possibly increase serotonin in the brain - which helps with depression, also relieve stress, boost energy, help asthma & allergy sufferers & promote better sleep.

head down to the beach, the mountains or a river for some good vibes & amazing health benefits!

read more about the positives in negative ions here

have a relaxing weekend!
c :)

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  1. Great advice! Certainly seems to work in my experience x

  2. Very intersting. That's why we love it so.

    Your last shot is mesmorising.

    Have a great weekend at the beach
    Carolyn xx

  3. ion sh-mion, your pics do it for me! and your last shot, how clever it that! just seeing the colors, the spray, its all restorative to me...

  4. maybe the pics bring back the memories of that feeling.
    ; ) x

  5. I've always wondered why the coast makes me so happy! :) xo K

  6. Very interesting and never would have known about this, I just figured that it is such an amazing place, how could not you feel happy and at peace. :) Must go see more for myself. :)

  7. What an interesting post. Now we have a medical reason for going to the beach and doing nothing. Love it x

  8. I love the coast!! We moved from there about 6 months ago :(

  9. Love that moving wave picture !
    Me off to the beach for the next 4 days :) Have a great weekend !!
    xo gaby

  10. interesting.....i don't live near any beaches, per say....but I do know that going for a walk along the beautiful canal we have here is soothing...especially when the sun is glistening on the waters smooth surface! Peaceful!

    Love that last photo splashing away! so cool!

    your newest follower....
    Creative Carmelina

    stop by sometime, if ya like!

  11. Hi Cheryl, I was told this by my friend a couple of years ago, and then googled it and he was right. The pounding of the surf is the key, and I totally beleive that, even just living on the canal front has 'wind waves' has made a difference for us!x

  12. This was such an informative post. And it all makes so much sense! It has been rainy the past few days here and I've been in a mini-funk. I will definitely be looking for some ions.

  13. first time visitor!

    wonderful post, and probably the science behind the asthma surf camps that are reportedly doing kids so much good. i love this!

  14. I've always said that the beach renews me! Now I know I'm not crazy!

  15. I have heard this before. It has got to be true, as I always feel so much better when walking the beach, or sitting by the rocks. I could never live away from the coast. Great post. Leahx

  16. Very interesting. No wonder I feel so good at the beach-it's not just the view!

  17. Love love love the pictures. Makes you feel like your there on the ocean almost. You just need to make at least 80 degrees come and the smell of sand and salt air. :)


    could you make your blog available via email. thanks

  18. I wish I beach was gray and windy today, and it is going to be in the 40's in the am,but I have a 4 day day weekend to celebrate my 50th will be spent soaking up negative ions :)

  19. I believe it! I always sleep better afterwe've been out on the water. We got another cold snap here but once it warms up I am heading out for a little destressing! It's the sights, sounds and smells that really take me away!

  20. How interesting. Maybe this is why I have had the blahs since New Years and can't seem to shake it. For many year, hubby and I take winter vacations somewhere on the beach and this year we didn't. Hey, there's still time!

  21. Very interesting and just what the doctor ordered. It works for me every time and I didn't even know why. Thanks for this valuable information! xo

  22. Wow,It look so beautiful and wonderful.All pictures are look so innovative and different.

  23. The first photo is so relaxing!


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