Thursday 28 June 2012

vintage eclectic

this is what i'm loving this week. the home belonging to interiors and food photographer debi treloar - born in zimbabwe and now based in london. it's featured in australia's real living magazine this month so you might have seen it already.

a style that has evolved over time rather than being planned and decorated. i love the way she has used vintage and salvaged finds & this custom made sofa!

a fresh white background with an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. 
the cushions are made from vintage tablecloths.

old floorboards were used for the rustic kitchen shelves.

the bathroom curtain is made with silk scarves and the curtain on the right looks like it's decorated with vintage hankies.

isn't this a gorgeous home?


  1. I LOVE it too!
    I really enjoyed this issue od Real Living Mag......
    Have a great day Cheryl!
    Tania xx

  2. Eclectic with a capital E. Love it! x

  3. It looks very special...I like it!!!Thank you so mutch for showing the pictures!!!
    Sincerely Flori

  4. I love this look- I will be buying this magazine!

  5. I'd better go out and buy this magazine, this looks so interesting. I really like the idea of using old floorboards for shelving.

  6. now that's a serious bunch of cushions... gotta get this mag!
    Bec x

  7. That is a lot of inspiring ideas. I like your comment about the style that has evolved instead of being planned. We do that too often, probably to conform to the classic standards, but it makes our interiors lose their charm and spontaneity. Thanks for the post !

  8. Beautiful, eclectic and unique! Leahx

  9. I like this darling home-I missed it at first.

  10. Yep I agree - she's got great style!


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