Tuesday, 23 October 2012

sculpture by the sea

It's that time of year when more than 100 wierd and wonderful sculptures from Australia and all over the world line the cliffs and parks along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. It's the world's largest outdoor art exhibition and is open free to the public.

Mengenang (memory in Balinese)
I love this  - 222 bamboo poles that represent each of the people who died in the Bali bombings. Each pole has a device that spins in the wind, hits the bamboo and makes a beautiful sound like a Balinese musical instrument. The windier it gets the stronger the sound. I'd like to see this stay here as a permanent memorial.

View TM
This happens to be one of the most beautiful views on the walk.   

Spanish "a turret, window, or balcony designed to command an extensive outlook"

Intercut Head Hand and Figure

Sea Nest

The Optomist
you've gotta be an optomist

 Upside Down Again

No Return 

Paper Boats 

A giant metallic kangaroo with boots and shopping trolley
Not sure of the meaning of this one, the use of the kangaroo to sell Australia, or something to do with QANTAS workers losing jobs. Any ideas?

See some of last year's sculptures here & here. I'm hoping to go and see more at the Tamarama end of the walk this week.

See you later!


  1. Aren't people clever? I keep promising to get over there to have a look first hand. Love the Trade Marked view. People have tried but luckily in Australia we have so much access to the waters edge FOC. Wonder if we realise how very lucky we are.

    Love your shots as ever.

  2. hi carolyn, It's great that so many people have access to the water's edge and this exhibition. & thanks!

  3. Oh geez, my mind just boggles over what the artists are thinking when they come up with these ideas. Great angles with the shots!x

  4. These are so cool, I love the little skeleton man on a tightrope...lovely photos, thank you for sharing!
    Bec x

  5. Simply amazing. An exhibition by the sea is something everyone should experience. Got my eye on your next posts.

  6. Love these sculptures, and such a great idea to display them along such a beautiful backdrop :-) Mengenang and the paper boats are my favourites, but they're all wonderful - although the shopping kangaroo is a little bizarre!

  7. What amazing sculptures and a wonderful location to display them. Do you know what happens to the sculptures after the exhibition is finished? Sarah x

  8. That's such an amazing thing to see......
    You're lucky this is all on your doorstep!!! ;O)
    Tania xx

  9. What a wonderful art exhibition.


  10. I love seeing all these sculptures. I love the first bamboo and feather one and how cool are the paper boats!

  11. This is an amazing wonderful post. My favorite is the first one. I like the fact that they are chimes and it's a memorial.


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