Wednesday 5 June 2013

sydney from above

Palm Beach & Pittwater

A lot of you enjoyed my pics of Sydney east from the air. I thought you'd like to see Sydney's beautiful northern beaches and waterways from above, the view I had on the return trip from Byron Bay.
Lucky again to have clear skies.

The Palm beach peninsula and Kuringai National Park looking spectacular.

Is this Avalon & Newport Carolyn?

I think we're over Middle Harbour here.

The long stretch of beaches looking north to Palm Beach and the Central Coast.

Hope you enjoyed the view.

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  1. what an amazing coastline Sydney has, you only really appreciate from the air!

    1. it sure does, so many interesting waterways and landforms x

  2. What a fabulous view and great photos! This is a place I will never get to see so I love coming here and learning more about your beautiful country! WOW!

  3. breathtaking Cheryl...Sydney is very intricate isn't it?....we just have one long stretch of coast with the odd bay...Australia sure is wonderous.
    Bec x

  4. Sydney is so fabulous like that, love that it is our biggest city and is surrounded by breathtaking national park that meets the ocean. Thanks for the amazing pics, now that I have had children I don't enjoy flying that much so usually avoid the window seat... Nice to view these from the safety of my house ;-). xx

  5. That is Newport with all the Norfolk pines lining the beach front and you can see the 2 big yacht clubs Royal Motor YC and Royal Prince Alfred YC on the Pittwater side.

    Good for you picking it all out. I have to say I usually miss it, but I do have to say it is about the prettiest city I have ever flown into.

  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place !
    Thank you !!

  7. Amazing waterways, so many interesting nooks and crannies! x

  8. Amazing! Beautiful aerial photos.

  9. I remember flying over the northern beaches on my way to Noosa when I was only just 20 and I was blown away at the beauty of the area from the air. A few years later I was able to visit the northern beaches and appreciate their beauty up close. Kylie x


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