Wednesday, 27 April 2011

chloe mccardel

i just heard a story about chloe mccardel, one of australia's top marathon swimmers. in 2010 she won the prestigious manhattan island marathon and has completed a double crossing of the english channel.

on sunday she swam 60 laps of bondi beach (800m per lap) a total of 48km in 11 hours, setting an australian record, as a warm up for a triple crossing of the english channel. she started at 4 am! 

she will be the first australian and one of only 4 swimmers worldwide to complete a triple crossing if succesful.

go chloe!

pinterest words to live by


  1. What an interesting and inspiring post. Thank-you for that.

  2. Go Chloe. Thanks for letting us know about her.
    Best Carolyn

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  4. Love that quote too!! Although..., unlike Chloe, I'm still near the harbor!


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