Wednesday, 25 May 2011

vintage surfing

hello..winter seems to have arrived with some gale force winds and rain. i'm bunkered down inside today enjoying not having to go anywhere.
you know how i love vintage surfing posters and signs. i wanted to let you know allposters website is having a 15% off SALE ending 26th May. I've found some great vintage surfing posters and signs for my place here.

tin signs in james's room
these are around $18

i have this Tom Blake poster which i framed myself. it's less than $15 at allposters with a further 15% off til tomorrow.

there's a new ad in my side bar. enter the words vintage surfing to search for these and many more.



  1. Great posters! Those boards are mighty long!

  2. I love the Endless Summer poster and I dream I was born in Waikiki. I like that one, too.

  3. Wow, I love it!

    Thank you again:

  4. Just letting you know that I have passed the Versatile Blogger award onto you.
    Beth x

  5. I love vintage surfing and vintage surfers! My cousin's boyfriend turned 62 this year and he and his friends look at the surf report first thing in the morning to see what beach they'll be heading too!

    He's been surfing on the Atlantic side of Florida his whole life, except for the seven years he lived in Hawaii.

    Very cool that your son has those signs in his room!!!!!

  6. Hi, The great picture with the women and the long boards at the beach. Do you have any history on this picture? I believe the woman on the far left is my auntie. She has passed away so it would be awesome to know any history on this pic.


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