Thursday 26 May 2011

coastal cliff walk

hi everyone..

apparently it's possible to walk along the entire coastline of sydney on walking tracks winding around beautiful beaches, along towering sandstone cliffs, and in and out of the gorgeous sydney harbour. a distance totalling 100 km.

i like to do much shorter sections myself..
this was our sunday walk.

sit back and enjoy the view

this part of the coast isn't far from the south head walk i took you on a while ago..along massive sandstone cliffs near the entrance to sydney harbour.

still a few happy pink hibiscus flowers around

we once lived close to here and this was my spectacular morning walking track.

if you're lucky you might see a whale or two.

the calm before the storm

the weather has now turned and whipped up some big seas and wild weather.

beauty all around..

i love being on the edge of the vast ocean

macquarie lighthouse  
australia's first lighthouse built in 1818

dover heights cliff dwellers

can you see the rock climbers?
how beautiful are the aqua water colours in this photo

love this cute vespa we saw on my way back

hope you enjoyed the scenery!



  1. Beautiful shots. Love the Dover Heights photo and the one with the rock climbers. The Vespa is so cute.

  2. These pics are really amazing! I love the climber's pic. I love the colors!

  3. morning cheryl....
    S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G- i love this walk...
    i love coming to visit with you - reminding me of the beauty that is sydney & home...

    that aqua water/rock climbers shot is flipping gorgeous!!

    have a wonderful weekend...melissa xx

  4. Great photos. And those rock climbers make it look like it is easy.

  5. Nothing better than walking on the edge!! The cliffs are amazing. And the lighthouse looks almost like some sort of a temple (at least to me it does). Very unique. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Oh I know this place well :-) gorgeous isn't it. Lucky thing to have lived so close for this to be a regular walk.

    p.s. I hope those rock climbers know what they're doing!


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