Friday, 17 June 2011


have you tried the iphone app instagram?
i had lots of fun when i first discovered it, photographing every day things around my place then adding different effects and borders. thanks to the help of sophie i've finally worked out how to load them onto my computer. i must also thank james, born with a mouse in his hand, for all his computer knowledge and help.
thank goodness for tech savvy kids! 

enjoy your weekend!



  1. What fun!!! I'm really only days off buying an iphone so should pick your brain for what you think.. Fed up with paying for a landline that rarely gets used so thought I'd go for broke and get the iphone with an unlimited calls plan ..

    Of course all this loveliness you have created will only tempt me more!!

    Have a fabulous weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Love love your photos! They would look super on my big blank walls.

  3. yep- instagram is addictive- and i love it!!

    how great would any or all of the above look framed!!

    melissa x

  4. Melissa had a great idea. Frame them. Nice post! Different, unique. Loving the shots you picked to post.

  5. very cool!! I've always wondered how people got their photos to look like that!

  6. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for the post on Oxford St - one of my fave streets. I've seen The Winery in Grazia but not been. I'll have to go there - it looks cool.
    Beth x

  7. I've never heard of instagram. Am I behind with the times? I'm not up on technical terms, but your pictures are gorgeous. It looks like fun to be able to play around with your pictures like that. They are really beautiful Cheryl, you'll have to frame them for sure. Leahx

  8. Love the grainy effect this App has given to your images, my fave is definitely the second palm tree :)

  9. Fun....I've seen a few of those. Yours look great!


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