Tuesday, 19 July 2011


this is my favourite harbour beach. many relaxing summer days have been spent here. part of the national park, so natural and unspoilt, it's hard to believe neilsen park is so close to the city.

shark beach 
don't let the name put you off it's netted in summer 

i wouldn't mind being the park ranger who gets to live in this lovely old sandstone cottage

almost deserted apart from a few sunbakers and a lap swimmer. the only movements are the lapping waves, the boats and a passing seagull. 

the beauty of nature
honeycomb sandstone

i really did feel like a beachcomber when i found some lovely driftwood whitewashed by the sun and salt inspiring me to make something i have in mind.

hope you enjoyed coming along with me!



  1. Beautiful photos. Love them all. Thank you for sharing such lovely shots!!!

  2. I enjoyed this walk with you on the beach. Such lovely photos. Awesome sandstone. The one cloud photo of the poles in the water is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous - no wonder is your favorite - thanks for sharing!


  4. what a stunning place, and that cottage is just amazing!!! my husband would loooove to be living a place like that!!
    have a wonderful day, Laura xx

  5. Ok. I now officially know what I want to be when I grow up! The park ranger there! Wow! What a cottage and what a beach! Divine!

  6. Hi Cheryl, this looks like such a peaceful, beautiful place to be. The beach is so clean! I wouldn't mind living in that adorable cottage either :)

  7. love your beach and you shots, just gorgeous! can't stop thinking about the beach being netted... where i live is great white territory, called the red triangle, you can guess why... never heard of netting here~

  8. How good is Sydney! It never ceases to amaze me xx

  9. Spectacular! Those park rangers always get the coolest houses.

    Take good care,


  10. Wonderful shots, how lovely is your country x

  11. When I was young, I remember thinking that someday I would go to Australia. As I look through your stunning photographs on this post~ I know why. I will get there, someday.

  12. Just gorgeous Cheryl! What a perfect view and so peaceful. You live is such an amazing spot in the world. :)

  13. beautiful! the colour of that water is just stunning!


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