Friday, 5 April 2013

country in the city

It's so good to see so much of the inner city here in Sydney being rejuvenated. This is a great example of that. What used to be a large pie factory in what was a heavy industrial area is now like a country escape.
The Grounds cafe / restaurant is set amongst rambling gardens complete with free range chooks, fresh produce and herbs. I love the huge warehouse building decorated in a mix of industrial and country styles and the covered outdoor area.  
Known for it's coffee, it's a thriving business buzzing with people whatever time of day you go. I've been a few times for brunch with friends and family and have enjoyed good food in a great atmosphere.
These photos were a bit rushed and don't really do it justice. The inside is so beautifully done with white timber glassed in kitchens and vintage bits and pieces all over the place.. a good excuse to go back!

Enjoy your weekend!

The Grounds
7A/2 Huntley St 


  1. looks like a lovely place to visit! not that I am a coffee drinker but I do like the smell and coffee flavoured things!

  2. What a lovely place to escape for a few hours! Will have to try and visit. G.x

  3. What a lovely place and that coffee looks amazing! x

  4. Love The Grounds, definitely worth a trip over the Bridge for! xx

  5. That looks totally amazing. Will have to go there very soon. Pruxxxx

  6. Wow. Yet another place to try out when I am over that way.

  7. I love that photo of your coffee. I'm yearning for a good latte now. The hanging mason jars are beautiful. Did they turn them into lights? So gorgeous!

  8. It always wonderful to see buildings given a new lease of life. This looks like a great place to visit and the coffee looks great too!
    Sarah x

  9. I love the vintage tiles, so great to keep them!

  10. Love finding cozy places like that to visit and relax! Hope you'll check out my life in California at

  11. looks like a great spot to hang out and meet friends!

  12. I would love to have coffee here. This is my kind of place.

  13. ooh I absolutely love it...the garden looks great I can smell the herbs from here!
    Bec x


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