Wednesday, 11 September 2013

coastal vintage

A guest post today from my newest sponsor Coastal Vintage. I love the rustic nautical style of everything in Sally's online shop, inspired by her adventures travelling the world's oceans..

Coastal Vintage was created out of a love for beautiful old coastal items. It all began after a decade of sailing around the world and wanting those memories of being out at sea in my home.

I spent that time cooking on super yachts cooking for private owners of these boats. 110-140'. Some of the highlights were sailing the Southern Ocean, Cape Horn, chased by pirates down Red Sea, racing in St Tropez, sailing the Caribbean, Scandinavia & around the Med(I miss shopping at the markets in the Med) and living in an Italian village by myself for 6 months to embrace the old Italian way of life & write a book for family & friends (yet to print it - ah ha! - maybe in 50 years)


Now a mum to two little girls, I spend my free time finding those gorgeous & unique coastal vintage items in old ship yards, sheds, from the sea, off beaches, swap meets, markets, from old salty sea dogs, and homes of other lovers of the sea. They are found here in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, other parts of Australia and through old friends living across the oceans.

All items that I find I love. They are either vintage or upcycled and all of good quality, and well made. They will be personally packed with care so you know you will be guaranteed personalised service.

Coastal Vintage is having a GIVEAWAY.

Visit Sally's Facebook page or Instagram @coastalvintage for a chance to win these cute fishing floats.

What's your favourite thing at 


  1. My favorite is the big shell with the blue glass balls and the little sailboat is simply adorable.

  2. apart from the maps...which I always love...I would love to have one of those brass porthole mirrors...
    beautiful store.
    Bec x

  3. Can see why you love this shop; Such gorgeous, gorgeous items that really tell a story! Sally, you sound like you have lived an amazing life already... Would love to have been brave enough to have done some of those wonderful things.

    1. it's good to hear about women taking on adventures like this isn't it. & yes i pretty much would love to have everything in Sally's shop rachel.

  4. Oh, gorgeous. I love everything in this shop. x

  5. Oh, I love all those colored glass balls, especially the purple jars.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  6. Love the vintage 'under the sea' mirror and the old bottles...gorgeous shop x

  7. she has a gorgeous shop... although I do love that seagull! off to view her fb page now!

  8. Love love love Coastal Vintage! I purchased x5 set glass buoys AND won an additional three buoys with netting in the comp. I have pics of how I have displayed the buoys on my blog :)


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