Monday, 28 March 2011

memory board

this is a memory board i made a while ago to display vintage family photos.
after a trip to atlantic guesthouse byron bay i used it to display photos to remember a special holiday i had with my daughter.
that's another story...
i used a linen type fabric with beige and white striped ribbon, i like how the photo colours contrast with the fabric.

to make a memory board
you will need:
notice board piece (hardware) cut to size with saw
fabric to cover - allow 20cm extra to wrap around board
1 layer wadding - allow extra 10cm - habidashery supplies
ribbon- measure diagonal lengths-extra 10cm to secure at back
short flat nails 
strong wide tape

to assemble:
1.lay fabric front side down, then lay wadding on top. board in the middle.
3.wrap wadding and fabric around board (need someone to help with this part)stretch fabric so it lays flat at front. at back with short nails and wide tape.
5.arrange ribbon in diagonal lengths leaving enough to secure at back with short nails/tacks.
6.add notice board type tacks to front where ribbon crosses.
7.fill with favourite photos or postcards.

i'm planning on making another one of these but much larger using blue and white striped ticking fabric to use in my kitchen for postcards, business card and other stuff that accumulates on the kitchen bench.

do you have a favourite holiday memory?


  1. I love memory boards. Yours is lovely and beachy. I made one for my daughter, but it really needs to be a bit bigger, in pale turquoise and white. The next one will be for the craft room. Thanks for sharing, it looks great.


  2. Love this and your photos are beautiful! I love displaying memories from vacations and I will most likely use some blue ticking that I have left over as well for some thing like this!
    Love it!

  3. Love the beachy inspired memory board.. and love beachy vacations...
    and of course who doesn't love Byron Bay!!! I used to have many of my european travel images up on display and am working on that again... at the moment they are missing.. bad Feng Shui..

    Have a great new week.. a bit of a chill in the air.. might have to take a trip.. hehe.. ciao xxxx Julie

    PS.. Love the Art Express Post.. I haven't seen it in years... They used to display some in the windows of DJ's and also Chifley Tower.. but not working in city at present so missing out I guess..

  4. Cheryl

    That is so beautiful and inspiring. I love it. I need to do something like this for my daughter's bedroom makeover.

    I love your appraoch to coastal decorating.

    Best Carolyn

  5. Just wanted to let you know I have added you to my blog roll of Blogs I love.



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