Saturday, 26 March 2011

art express

art express is an exhibition held at the nsw art gallery every year. a collection of major works done by nsw year 12 students completed as part of their final year school assessment. the most outstanding are in the gallery in sydney as well as other parts of the city and regional areas. 
i visited the gallery last weekend and want to share with you some of my favourite works..i'm always inspired by the talent and fresh ideas of young artists.i highly recommend a visit here of you are in sydney.

the natural selection  artist: Isabella Rich    

the natural selection aims to question the value of industrialisation and its effects on nature and humanity

materials: found objects coral, seashells, driftwood in a series of shadow boxes made from recycled timber...each little car is made from a bottle top..

the good wifes guide  artist: Laura Wingrove   a very funny set of photography and film based on a set of rules in Housekeeping Monthly 1955. rules placed on women by women! we've come a long way...but have we really??

illusion  artist: Kate Devlin  a set of photography and collage which explores individuals search for purpose. 

i love to read your comments....let me know what you think?


  1. you have beautiful taste in art. i especially love the good housewives guide artwork!!!

  2. I fell hard for those little 'bottle top cars' - how adorable aren't they!!?!

    x Charlotta

  3. How unique - love everything! The Good Housewives are pretty funny!! :O)

  4. These are lovely especially the boxes - just like a little cabinet of curiousities. I wish I'd been that clever at high school.
    Beth x

  5. fabulous creations, each so interesting in their own way, thanks for sharing

  6. I love the natural selection. Such a gorgeous display in those wood boxes..., addressing an issue that we do need to think about more -much more!


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