Friday, 8 April 2011


  favourite photos around home this week....

have a great weekend : )



  1. Oh my gosh-Cheryl I have 7 of your books in that first shot!!
    No wonder I loved your blog the moment I stumbled upon it!!
    Melissa xx

  2. You have some of the most amazing sea photos I've seen on a blog. I like the photo of the little bottles in the mirror. And the print of
    the girl. Is the artist Gaugin? I love that print. So perfect for a beach home.

  3. I need some great seaside books too..., post about it on my blog, but never get anything for myself, haha!!

    Love your couch!

  4. HI Cheryl
    Your house looks lovely as usual. My favourite is your white dresser.
    I tried leaving a message on your previous story but blogger wouldn't let me. Seems OK now though. Is that little girl really you, she is so beautiful and I really get you about your childhood. I had a similar one but I am not admitting to the 60s I'll just say the 70's.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Best Carolyn

  5. I like the sweet photo of your cat with the
    rose. Your lovely photos give me inspiration.

  6. Lovely images...hope to see u at My Dream Canvas.


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