Friday, 8 April 2011

growing up

this is where my love of the coast began...

days spent mucking around on the waterfront, climbing over rocks, sailing, swimming, canoeing, surfing..encouraged by our parents to play outside, adventures in the australian bush, creating with stones, shells, leaves and flowers..most of summer in cossies, salt crusted skin, sun bleached hair, sunburn, the 60's, life was simple and free.



  1. Adventures on the lakes in Switzerland mostly!! Then... at age 13 I saw the ocean for the very first time in Spain when my family started to go on summer holidays by the sea. I still remember that very vividly!!

  2. I grew up by the beach, too, with sun-bleached
    hair and sunburns.

  3. Love that picture! I also grew up on the water (river & ocean - my dad was in the Navy so we moved quite a bit). We were never inside. I remember walking to friends' houses along the water by myself ( or with my sister)-no adults- can't imagine letting my daughter do that now. I also thought that everyone lived on the water or within walking distance! I guess I was pretty sheltered. :)

  4. How gorgeous is that image. Yes I remember beautiful long summer filled weeks at the beach, playing in rockpools and swimming until I was water logged and building sandcastles and going to the corner shop for an icecream that melted down your arm....simple beautiful days.



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