Thursday, 7 April 2011

weatherboard love part 1

i think i died and went to heaven .....
once a fisherman's village this area in sydney's east is filled with cute, heritage, weatherboard fisherman's cottages. 
just a 30 minute ferry ride from the city this quaint little area feels a million miles away and a step back in time.

the original inhabitants of watson's bay & camp cove were the Cadigal indigineous people who fished and collected shellfish in the sheltered waters. it must have been a beautiful life.

i took lots of photos of my favourite cottages yesterday..but stopped at this one for a while. i have admired it before but hadn't stayed for long enough to really see the beautiful details. how many photos is too many, i ask ?

love the seahorse detail

and this gate with the lifering

this is the view

doyles seafood restaurant


  1. Cheryl, one word 'amazing'. Adore all these shots. I so have to venture over there some day soon. Wouldn't it be lovely if they could give you a list of their tradespeople as well. I'd love a seahorse in our gate like your shot #2. I also love to see others appreciation for this simple style of living. Wouldn't it be great to step back in time... Pruxxx

  2. pru..i've been noticing some other old houses with the same seahorses..must have been a bit popular in that era. glad you like the photos! cheryl x

  3. These are beautiful photos. Makes you want to
    visit and stay awhile.

  4. It's gorgeous isn't it, I've always envied the owners living so close to the water. You've reminded me it's time to take a stroll around there again :)

  5. how dreamy - beautiful blue seas...ahhhh...

  6. A most beautiful post. And very sentimental for me. My dad proposed to my mum at that restaurant over 50 years ago. Thank you so much for jogging my memory of it. You have really nailed it with this post. I love it.

    Best Carolyn

  7. HI Cheryl
    I was guessing it would be Watson's Bay.. and Doyle's cinched it.. Gee I haven't been there in years...and years.. love these little cottages too.. I remember all the small narrow lanes and pretty little cottages.. and of course the beach front.. Great photos that took me right back.. Love the colours in the sea shot..

    Have a wonderful day.. ciao xxxx Julie

  8. oh Cheryl. you've made me soooo homesick. Thank you for walking me down memory lane and thanks for linking to our blog - AND how great is that garden gate with the lifebouy !!!

  9. Wow! So wonderful Cheryl! I love that seahorse on the gate!

  10. Love Watson's Bay and Doyles. Gosh that little house is positively dreamy!!



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