Friday 18 May 2012

vintage white

hi.. back again!

something i've been working on this week. these vintage drawers didn't look too good when i came across them. boring, brown, varnished.. but i could see some potential there.
i always love the transformation when the white paint goes on. 


a package arrived in the mail with these vintage fabric squares i bought on etsy from a beautiful shop in france. i just love them.. i have no idea what i'll do with them. thinking maybe i should learn how to do patchwork, wouldn't they be beautiful in a quilt? although i'm not a great sewer and have never been good at getting measurements exact. 

what would you do with these? 
i'd love some ideas.

mothers' day lilies lasting for ages and smelling gorgeous.

have a great weekend!



  1. gorgeous fabric, love the dresser!

  2. Love the dresser. It's come up beautifully.

    The fabrics are divine. Love the blue and whites of course.

    Have a great weekend

  3. The dresser came up just beautifully.
    The fabrics would make lovely bunting or double sided cushions with a different fabric on each side.
    Happy Friday!!!
    Tania xx

  4. hi Tania it would be nice for bunting , not big enough for cushions unless i make a patchwork cushion. i like the idea of different fabric on each side. x

  5. I love what you did with the dresser. So worth the effort. It
    looks great. The fabrics are beautiful. I'd make them into pillows.

  6. The dresser looks fabulous and as for the fabric, well it is gorgeous in its vintage finery. What about making placemats? Easy shape to sew and you could back it with a plain fabric.

    I'd love for you to link this post at 'Shabbilicious Friday' ~

  7. You've done a fabulous job on the dresser. You sure have been busy. Leahx

  8. I love that piece! I've been looking for something like that since I moved here.

  9. The dresser looks completely different! The white makes it looks like it was made for a seaside cottage :)

  10. Love the dresser - so fresh!!

    Those vintage fabric squares are so gorg! I would need to just look at them for a long while ; )
    And since I am not much of a seamstress either and can not seem to measure to save my life...I can't think of what to use them for. Throw pillows maybe?!
    Happy weekending,

  11. The dresser is amazing! Love how it turned out for you. The fabric is lovely, maybe back mats for photos?

  12. That look fantastic - what a difference a coat of paint makes!

  13. so lovely! I especially love the turquoise jars. I recently inherited some from my husband's granny here in Texas. I wish we did not move so much so I could properly display them. Hope you have a great week and I am glad you are back!

  14. It's strangely comforting to me to know that there are other sewing-challenged people out there like myself. My mother sewed but didn't feel confident in her skills and wanted for me to wait to learn in school. Unfortunately, the teacher was elderly and burnt out on teaching, so the class was wasted for all of us...and then I lost interest. Coincidentally, I just bought a beginner's type of sewing machine last week on Amazon, as I'm determined to do projects or at least be able to sew up a seam on a dress when it's a bit too gaping under the arms, hem too long at the knees, etc. I can't measure or cut anything straight to save my life; I can't even cut a piece of pie nicely. Wallpaper would be impossible for me! I have a lot of vintage handkerchiefs from my auntie that I'd like to do something with, similar to your squares, not to mention vintage embroidered bed pillowslips from other family members. I've seen other people take squares of vintage cloth and drape them cleverly from a hutch/china cupboard, stitch together hankies to make a lightweight curtain for a small window or even cover a small table, or sewn together as a quilt top; the easiest thing for the pillowslips would be to stuff them with a pillow as intended, but sew up the end. I'd say google it and see what kinds of ideas other people have and, in the meantime, just enjoy looking and fingering that lovely, beautifully-patterned old cloth. I just like looking at it stacked as you have it! When I was younger, I wanted everything new but, nowadays, I have such deep appreciation for these well-made fabrics and, of course, hand-made treasures. I love the way you display things, keeping to a beachy theme, and the dresser came out marvelously...very Rachel Ashwell-ish; you know, how she also washes everything "clean" with white paint, which I luv-luv-luv. I inherited a rundown and dark, tiny bungalow which we drenched in white paint based on her books/instruction and it was magically transforming to the closed-in, dreary place (a case of just 'way too much dark woods that were claustrophobic). Thanks for sharing your pretty stuff!

  15. What I would do with those lovely vintage linen napkins is layer them with a solid color napkin and arrange with a beauitful sea themed napkin ring. Then I would create a tablescape around the colors including the glasses and plates.


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