Monday 14 May 2012

slowing down

hi... i hope everyone enjoyed mothers' day!

i've decided i'm going to take my own advice and live more simply.. feeling i need to slow down in the blog world & be more kind to myself. i'm also in the middle of furniture fixing & painting & that's taking a lot of time & energy.  
i will be stopping by to show you what i've been up to, but not quite as often, for now anyway.

some tumblr favourites of the week in honour of living more simply..

take good care of yourself..

1. abeachylife.tumblr 
2. b-o-a-t.tumblr 
3. litlemagnolias.tumblr  
4. h & m home  


  1. Taking it slow is good. Looking forward to your makeovers. Have a nice break

  2. Can't wait to see the latest projects.
    Slow & steady......
    Tania ;o)

  3. Good for you Cheryl, I've been taking it easy on the blogging too, it can be so time consuming! Enjoy your projects! xo K

  4. Same here bit too tired at the moment to blog and very busy at work ! Evenings now are so dark and colder, bedtime calls me early. But im still reading your blogs ! :) xo

  5. Cheryl - I totally understand the need to unwind and slow down - despite all the modern conveniences we have in this day and age, I think we probably all feel like we are pulled in a million directions.

    Visit when you come, but know that we are here waiting for your return!

  6. It's good to stay up sometimes and take it more slowly. I think I have to do the same *smile*. Have a nice week.


  7. inspiring ♦♦ have a most delightful and unhurried week

  8. love the inspiration pics. Especially the pink rope. BTW I have been to that shell shop and wrote about it on my blog here It's on the central coast of California.

    Do take some time for yourself but don't be gone for too long, because you inspire us so much!

  9. Gorgeous. Totally agree with you. I'm taking a few days off to have some R & R with my hubby later this week.

  10. Happy fixing & painting!! In my book, slower is better for sure!

  11. It's so important to take time out for yourself. Relax and enjoy yourself.

  12. Hi, I am blog walking and here, your blog give me inspiration. Thanks.

  13. I'm not a blog owner and I'm not even a mother, but I can totally understand that running a blog could become a bit too much obligation, like a leash, rather than enjoyable. I'm sure it starts out one way, then readers start clamoring for more posts if you don't post on a regular basis, etc. When it's not fun, why do it? See how you do after a hiatus; how you feel; how much you did or did not miss it. Some things do run their course over time. I think your blog is serene and beautiful...simple, clean, refreshing. Funny thing, I only just read the About Me, and I'd had you pictured as a early-30s (age group) beachgirl. Thanks for all the inspirational, gorgeous and soothing photographs over the months. Take some good, relaxing care...wishing you a nice time away. From here in California, U.S.A.

  14. Thanks for the lovely images,
    they are indeed calming.
    Taking it slow when it comes blogging is always recommended, no need to pressure ourselves to post.

  15. Blogging sure does take up time. Have a lovely break Cheryl! Leahx

  16. I love the your porch with the yellow accents with the aqua.


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