Monday, 24 September 2012

the fish shop

i'm excited to show you my new favourite cafe. 
surprisingly it's only a couple of kilometres from the heart of sydney in potts point. 

designed by sibella court who spent several years in new york. the inspiration - the hampton's, cape cod, nantucket & her trips to montauk roadside clam shacks that flip up their awnings & shutters in summer. 
she scoured australia for the old fishing nets, glass bottles, old canvas sails, rods, lines & lures that line the rustic walls of the bar. japanese fishing floats and lobster pots become lights. a collection of shells from the fifties cover the shelves.

enjoying a weekday off with my daughter & a lovely lunch. the food was great, everything was delicious and so fresh. oops..i forgot to take a photo.

it's run by renowned chef jeremy strode, who uses local, sustainable and organic produce. 

the fantastic bathrooms with clever port hole mirrors... wondering how i can make one.

love the enamel wear jugs & rope door handles. our meals were served on vintage enamel plates.

the amateur fishing club bar where everyone is welcome.
the walls are lined with old floorboard that make it the feel like you're in an old boat shed.  

22 challis ave
potts point

would you like a casual lunch at the fish shop?



  1. What a cute place. They have every little nook & cranny filled with fun things to look at. Of course, my favorite were the shells. How was the food?

  2. the food was great! so in love with the surroundings i forgot to take a photo of the food.

  3. Wow looks amazing. I wonder if I will have time to check it out when I'm there? I better take some comfy shoes, so much I want to do! x

    1. i just added the address if you have time penny.

  4. I would love having lunch there! I need to learn about decorating from this wonderful place! Hugs!

  5. I'd love a casual lunch there. What an amazing place. We need more unique and individual places like that.

  6. What a cool place, looks like a fun place to eat and with amazing food- I think I need a Sydney holiday!

  7. I would totally love a casual lunch there, it looks like it has a great atmosphere!
    Cas x

  8. It looks like it would be fun to eat there and delicious.

  9. It's just gorgeous. Thanks so much for letting us know about it.

  10. wow, it looks awesome! sibella court is such an inspiring lady!
    laura x

  11. A really lovely place!
    Vicky x

  12. So nice!It could be a Greek fish tavern!AriadnefromGreece!

  13. You can soooo tell that Sibella Court had a hand in creating this......I love the mood as well as the look and I'd love to check it out in person ;o)
    Have a great day Cheryl!
    Tania xx

  14. What a great cafe/shop lovely pictures and pinched some ideas for my new kitchen :-)

  15. Wow Cheryl, what an amazing cafe and a great post to show us through the place.. I would love to visit there. great you had a mum and daughter weekend, I always love that with my Girl...nice to even catch a glimpse of beautiful you! :)
    Have a great week.
    Bec x
    P.s Sibella court is so very talented!

  16. What a lovely place and thanks for sharing.


  17. count me in! what a gorgeous little place. I wouldn't mind lingering there for a few hours. Oh and I have a similar glass bottle like in the 12th pic. Anthony Bourdain just did a show on Sydney and it looks wonderful. Def on my dreamy destinations list.

  18. I would to have lunch there. I think I would be too busy looking at everything. What a neat place.

  19. What a fantastic place, I would to meet you for lunch, unfortunately it's a bit far away for me. Was thinking about those mirrors, what about using an old spring-form (loose bottomed) cake tin!?!

  20. Great place! This cafe has so many cool details to be inspired by. Thanks for doing the feature.

  21. Love it - that looks like my kind of cafe - I will definitely call in on my next visit to Sydney!


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