Monday 29 July 2013

vintage coastal flowers

Maybe it's winter.. but I haven't been very motivated to do anything much in this place, let alone anything that's blog-worthy. The ironing is overflowing in the corner, my desk is covered in things, the paperwork is piling up on the dining room table. Sound familiar?

Just when i was wondering what to post about my partner walked in the door with a bucket full of beautiful camelias from a friend's place. Where to put them all? I don't have much in the way of vases, but i do have lots of sea glass colour vintage bottles, recycled jars and some vintage jugs.

The mantel was decluttered and cleared of driftwood boats, shells and beach pebbles to make way for some vintage coastal floristry.

Thinking this look would be just right for an outdoor wedding.. I'm imagining mismatched vintage chairs, long trestle tables with flowers in vintage bottles, lots of recycled jars with tea lights down the centre of the tables and fairy lights strung from tree branches above. Something simple you could do yourself without a lot of fuss or expense.

Have a great week.



  1. I love single stems displayed in old vintage bottles. Nothing's more perfect.

  2. Were you trying to describe my cottage in that first paragraph? I think you forgot to mention piles of books on the bedroom floor! Those pink camelias are gorgeous, it almost makes me miss winter. I said "almost", come back sun!

    1. i was describing the room i was sitting in.. good to know we all have piles of mess. hope the sun comes back for you. :)

  3. oh Cheryl these are gorgeous, there is something about camellias that make me feel so happy...something from my childhood I think...
    and there you go again about weddings...ha ha...
    you should have a little side business styling beach vintage weddings!
    Bec x

  4. How perfect! refreshing images on a Monday morning.

  5. They look gorgeous Cheryl. I have oodles of camellias around my place! x

  6. It looks so simply beautiful. I bring in my roses and just put them in
    whatever is handy. No fuss-like this.

  7. Old bottles and simple jars are beautiful for flowers. I always love camelias...they look like ruffly roses! Sweet hugs!

  8. That looks so pretty and simple and more fun to create than tackling the ironing!
    Sarah x

  9. Yes it does sound familiar. I guess hibernating in Winter is for a reason. Lovely camellias. They seem really good this year.

  10. I love this seacolor glass bottles with the flowers! Sunny dutch greetings

  11. Gorgeous! They are perfect! I love how you used the blue/green glass bottles!


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