Friday 16 August 2013

small space garden ideas

Even though it's still technically winter, Spring is in the air with some beautiful warm days this week. It just makes you feel like growing something!

It doesn't matter how small your outdoor area is you can always have a garden. Our back deck and front verandah are our garden, full of hardy plants and herbs living in pots, containers and recycled tins.

I love the Scandinavian deck pictured above with the metal containers filled with geraniums and lavender. 

Here are some more ideas I've collected that don't take up much space. I love the way some of these have repurposed recycled materials.

Isn't this a great idea for growing veggies and herbs?

I love how this old tyre has been turned into a hanging garden.

A clever use of guttering and looks good too.

I've often admired this balcony on a B & B on the south coast of NSW. Bouganvillea is so hardy and such a gorgeous colour amongst all the green.

Another brilliant idea with pallets that cuts down on weeding.

A vertical garden using something usually used for shoe storage.

What's growing at your place?

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  1. I have a small porch for plants in the front so I love the first photo of all the different containers on the porch.

    What fun ideas for growing flowers/veggies/herbs.

  2. The first photo is beautiful! I love the tyre too! We had our vege patch in guttering along the fence when we lived in town and only had a small yard!

  3. The first balcony is perfection, the colours, the flowers chosen, I love everything. And how cute are those hanging baskets for herbs? I'm going to look for a three tier hanging basket asap!

  4. Love these ideas - the tyre planter is certainly very original! Jane

  5. our local organic café has a similar vertical crate garden oozing with it!
    Bec x

  6. Beautiful images the first one has to be my favourite one.
    Sarah x

  7. People are so creative. Love the shoes, the wall lettuce and of course the blue tire.

  8. Very sweet ideas! I love that first garden too, just love metal boxes!!! The tyre is cute too! Hope you have had a great weekend.

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