growing up on the coast carefree, hanging out at the beach, swimming and sailing has given me a love of relaxed beach house style - lots of white , blue and white stripes, weathered, rustic, vintage, recycled, shells and driftwood. 

i live in an old art deco apartment with high ceilings & a big  sunny deck out the back close to the beach not far from the centre of Sydney Australia, with my supportive partner, our 2 wonderful grown up kids who are still studying, and bella our burmese cat.

i love to be creative and scour the coast for inspiration, always inspired by the sea, the colours, the natural environment, shops and markets.
i like the idea of recycling and turning found furniture & natural objects into something beautiful and useful. i still love swimming and hanging out at the beach & enjoy looking at life on the coast through a camera lens. 

Over the past few years i've put my energy into my etsy shop which includes mostly jewellery and beach decor.
In my jewellery making I love working with earthy as well as pastel colour and enjoy using natural materials wherever possible. I like to make things that hold a special meaning and significance, such as crystal healing gemstone jewellery. 
I'm inspired by the natural environment, multi cultural designs and traditions and my love of the sea. 

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