Friday 6 June 2014

dreamy white

Winter or summer I always love white. Living here in a unit / apartment it gives a feeling of space and tranquilty and feels like a sanctuary, miles away from the busy city outside. With some natural driftwood and rattan it prevents it looking too clinical.
I was again imagining my own shop here. A mix of painted vintage furniture, handmade creations, driftwood and jewellery.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Friday 30 May 2014

junk style

Just when I'd almost given up on furniture finding, along comes all this. The council clean ups don't happen as often these days.

I stumbled on most of these vintage treasures discarded outside a lovely old building nearby. They look like they had lived there for many years.

With almost summer like weather this week it's been perfect to be outside with a paintbrush. It's always fun to see the amazing transformation paint can make isn't it?

Here are some things I've completed so far. My partner undercoated everything for me with Zinsser primer which made it a lot easier. I used some sample pots I already had to mix the colour with satin enamel paint, brighter aqua on the bedside table and lighter for the drawers, then sanded lightly over everything for a worn look. I'll have to get myself some chalk paint one of these days.

I painted the mirror, once varnished timber, a while ago. It was left behind when my son moved out.

Fun for me playing around with vintage finds but a bit disturbing for Miss Bella who likes everything to be left in it's place.

I was imagining my own cluttered shop, market stall or the inside of a beach hut.

now for a cat nap..

Happy Weekend!

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Thursday 17 April 2014

beach party

It's been a while and I'm wondering whether anyone will be reading this post. I wanted to share with you a really fun project we've been working on for the past few days.

It all began with this surfboard table my partner a builder made for a client, owner of our favourite cafe in the area, on the balcony at his home. 
The idea grew when he was asked to transform the whole balcony into a beach complete with sand! as well as a corrugated iron bar and outdoor shower for a surprise birthday party for his wife.

It felt a bit like an episode from one of the TV shows like Backyard Blitz. He had only 2 days to complete the whole thing while the owners went away. The biggest challenge, this balcony is on the 3rd floor! of the house.
A huge thanks to the very strong labourer who lugged bucketfuls of sand up stairs for 2 days, sometimes in the rain. 

I collected some of the oversupply of beachy props that have been hanging around here, oars, driftwood, shells, lobster buoys, beach signs, surfing prints and bought a few plants and a beach umbrella to add some colour to the scene.

With an all white background and an ocean view to die for it's a fantastic setting for a beach party.

Recycled materials were used for the rustic beach bar. I like the effect of the rusty corrugated iron, weathered wood and pops of colour in contrast to the white walls.

Happy Birthday Vicki!

and the text message when she arrived home last night began with OMG OMG OMG! a huge surprise. she loves it.

Thursday 2 January 2014

beach club

Welcome to another year. Hope you are all enjoying a happy one so far!

A trip to Watson's Bay Beach Club this week inspired a blog post. Not the best time to go, I would recommend a quieter, less crowded week day. 

I've been wanting to see the 2nd stage of the hotel renovation and thought you'd like to see inside too, if you haven't been there already.

This is the Sunset Room. Available for functions and weddings catered for by chef Pete Evans, but open to all at other times. I'm looking forward to coming here for dinner and watching the sun set over the harbour.

I love the casual elegant feel created by the neutral colour scheme. So inspiring with off white panelled walls, linen curtains, oak floors, long timber tables with white and rattan chairs, vintage nautical and natural found objects.

It's all in keeping with the original art deco hotel and suits the area with it's grand old homes and cute weatherboard fishermen's cottages.

Love love love ! these hooks with shells and grain sack bags filled with leaves.

How have you been spending the new year?

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