Monday 12 March 2012

diy notice board

hi..hope you all had a good weekend. we're enjoying beautiful autumn weather here in sydney. gorgeous clear skies and huge waves, surfing and photography heaven. more about that later this week ;)
this is an easy diy notice board i made to store business cards, photos & postcards. with so much great graphic design around why not put your favourite cards on display.  

  • notice board material- cut to size. i think it's called caneite available at hardware shops 
  • fabric to cover. i used blue & white ticking - allow 20cm extra to wrap around board
  • wadding from habidashery supplies - cut to same size as board
  • white cotton braid or ribbon- measure diagonal lengths. allow an extra 10cm to secure at back
  • long tacks - white
  • thumb tacks

to assemble:

  • lay fabric front side down, then lay wadding on top
  • place board in the middle
  • wrap fabric around board - stretching slightly so it lays flat at front
  • secure at the back with thumb tacks
  • arrange ribbon in diagonal lengths leaving enough to secure at back with thumb tacks
  • add notice board type tacks to front where ribbon crosses
  • fill with favourite cards, photos or postcards



  1. What a great idea, I love noticeboards for organising things in the office, love the nautical stripe too! xo K

  2. Enjoy the weather whilst it last :)
    It keeps on raining here in NZ and today my feet got so wet and cold I had to wrap a hot towel around them when I got to work !

  3. lovely! i've had a go at making one before- a fun little project :) Kate x

  4. It look so nice. You have autumn and we have spring *smile*.


  5. I am adding this to my list of projects......long list of projects
    that is ;o) I'm glad you had a great weekend. Boy, did we make the most of the weather!!!
    Tania Maree xx

  6. I need one of those. Looks great!!!

    How good is the weather. Looking forward to your surf shots later in the week.
    Carolyn xx

  7. Great idea, you could even use this for jewellery as well? Have a great week.x

  8. Beautiful blog! I'm a new follower ~ ♥ Anne

  9. Yes these are an easy and fun project that are really useful . I like your material choice. x

  10. Very cool. I love the fabric and ribbon you used. I just made myself a pin board today with burlap :) Hopefully, it will help me stay organized!

  11. Oh that looks great, I just did one of these too.

  12. Gorgeous! I also made one of these - but yours is a lot 'neater'. Well done!

  13. Love it! It's perfect with the stripes.

  14. Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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