Wednesday, 24 July 2013

knitting revival

Another traditional craft is having a huge comebackMaybe we're looking for more simplicity in our lives in this stress filled world.

I've always loved the look of chunky cream fisherman's rib and cable knitted jumpers and cardigans in winter and there's nothing like wool to keep you warm in this cold weather. 
Check out these clever handmade ideas with wool. They make me feel like getting out the knitting needles!

How incredible is this winter wedding dress? you can buy it here

Giganto blanket.. find the pattern here

Knitting doesn't have to be limited to clothes and blankets ;)

Hope you're keeping warm or cool wherever in the world you are!

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  1. I love to knit especially when we are driving on a road trip.

    I made a fisherman knit sweater about 40 years ago and after seeing your pics, I think I need to try my hand again.

  2. So beautiful. Love those socks and chair and how lovely is a knitted jumper in this weather. If only I could knit! Xx

  3. Incredible pieces. How about that chair? Adorable

  4. I m with you cheryl, i love the way it is becoming more popular and would love to see more and more people taking it up... I can only knit plain stitch! my mother inlaw was just amazing when it came to knitting but she is finding it too difficult now. Looove the oversized knitting! that looks like it would be quick to achieve!! Hope you have had a very lovely week!!!

  5. I love the socks. I would live in them and the cup warmer is adorable.

  6. Those are wonderful images especially the wedding dress and the chair!
    Sarah X

  7. My mother used to knit all my sweaters, but she stopped a few years ago. I love the idea of the mug sweater!

  8. I'm wearing my scarf I knitted last year, every morning at the have inspired me to knit another...lovely pics.
    Bec x


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