Wednesday, 10 July 2013

sarong ideas

It couldn't be further from sarong weather here in Sydney today.. but I know many of my readers in the northern hemisphere are enjoying summer and beach weather. My sponsor, island girl Kim :) is visiting today with lots of great ideas for sarongs.

We are so excited to be offered a guest post on Beachcomber blog.  Thank you so much, what an honour!  Such fun to get this opportunity to share some of our sarong ideas with you guys.

Sarongs are a simple rectangular piece of fabric, but when you live on or near the sea, you soon learn that they have oh so many uses.  Having spent the last 10 years living in the Caribbean and much of that time on a boat, I found my sarongs the most versatile of my beach accessories. Not only can you wear them in a hundred different ways, you can also use them for lots of different things. 
The obvious way to wear a sarong is tied loosely around your hips and wear it as a skirt.  This is quick and easy to tie, and covers the parts that a lot of us like to cover when we are in a swimsuit.

The next step on from this is to hook it into your bikini bottom to create a micro mini, perfect for wading through the water.

Or if you wrap it around your waist and then roll it down, you can create a maxi pencil skirt.  This makes your legs look longer.

But you can get a whole lot more sophisticated with your sarong ties.  Here we show you how to wear your sarong as a cute halter dress.

Or you can wear it as a sexy strappy dress.

Some lightweight sarongs look so cute worn as a headband.

Sometimes I also save myself from carrying a towel to the beach and use my sarong as a beach towel.  You can lie or sit on it, and you can dry yourself off with it after your swim… and then lay it on the sand to dry out quickly.

We have also used sarongs to provide great sun protection when doing jobs on the boat, and my daughter has used our sarongs to build many a beach driftwood cubby house.

But being the island girl that I am, I just can’t help but to bring the island sarong style into my home.  I love to have one hung in my entryway.

Or to use one as a table runner.

I even use one to wrap my baby in the warm summer months.

So what are you waiting for?  Pack a sarong in your beach basket and dance your way down to the beach….  There is a whole lot more usefulness to the simple rectangular sarong than you thought! 
Island smiles…

Island Clothing for Island Living…

How do you like wearing a sarong?


  1. Love a good sarong on a hot day after a swim, with nothing underneath (only at home though!)

    1. great ideas in the heat of summer deanne.. especially where you live ;)

  2. Oh I love those! Grew up wearing many, many of them. We call them "Cangas" in motherland. xo

  3. They are such beautiful pieces. I love a sarong in Summer for covering up many sins.

  4. Wow! This was super helpful and inspiring. Love babies and kiddos enjoying them too. Now. I have to have one ;)

  5. Altho a sarong covers up a lot, I think I would have trouble keeping it from falling off.
    Great directions for ways to keep one on.

  6. In the first pic I am LOVING that pattern... Dont suppose you can recomend where I could get something similar? I agree that a nice sarong gives that uber tropical feeling :)

    1. Haha I just re-read the post and saw the link to West Indies Resort Wear... Headed over there now!

  7. Awesome clicks and the last one is just so adorable.
    Very well done!
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