Monday, 8 July 2013

lighthouse house

Have you seen this lighthouse house? The owners built it as a guesthouse for family and friends on their property in New Zealand, alongside a boatshed with spectacular views overlooking Golden Bay. 
I just love it and the cute way it's been simply furnished and decorated.

Inspired by American lighthouses, they worked with an architect to plan their design. 

A sunny spot to hang out in a hammock chair. The beautiful rag rugs and patchwork quilts on the beds were made by the owner.

Not sure I could live here permanently with all the stairs.

Would you like to live here?



  1. Wow house! Love all those hammocks. I could use one here in our little balcony. Have a nice week!

  2. How delightful, a great holiday house!

  3. How fun! Beautiful decor and color scheme also.

    When we lived in Jamaica, the nearest house to us was a tower built by a Scottish lord. His mother in law always wanted a tower to live in so he built her one. It was rented out much of the year and friends invited us for parties.

  4. Seriously? I just groaned out loud - I could mostly definitely live there - how charming!!!

  5. How gorgeous and beachy! I would love to be a guest there and swing on those hammock chairs. NZ is def on my destination list. oh and I would love to have some of those NZ wines too!

  6. I probably wouldn't like to live there, but spending holidays? Definitely!

  7. Ooh its beautiful! I love its home-y decor style too! Could def spend a lovely weekend here or two xx

  8. That looks wonderful and a great place to stay for a few days.
    Sarah x

  9. Love it, I always had a childhood dream of being a light house keeper! x

  10. So cozy and nautical. A beautiful home.


  11. Incredible home. I love white walls with hints of blue, rope, hammock chairs... Oh my seaside loves!
    Bella @ Sea and Salt

  12. I'm in love with all the blues in the kitchen. I could live there.


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