Friday 30 March 2012

dreamy bedrooms

hi everyone..

love loving our new white walls. i think painting walls white is the single best & most affordable thing you can do to improve a home. keeping furniture and decoration simple, mostly white, a touch of colour, texture and something rustic. 

looking forward to painting bedrooms soon.. here's some inspiration. 

love the fabric covered lamp idea.. blue and white stripes

wicker under bed storage.. love everything about this room 

the contrast of rustic recycled timber against all white 

simple & calm

source 1. 2. 3. 4.

which one would you like?



  1. Love the recycled timber 4 poster bed with the starfish "chain" hanging from the bed. The timber, in contrast to the chandy and the white walls and linen, so peaceful and luxe. Beautiful.

  2. I couldn't possibly choose. Every single one of them does it for me. So calm and beautiful. Leahx

  3. Mmm definately the four poster!
    I'm all about rustic chippy weathered timber contrasting with white at the moment....very dreamy!
    x Kerry

  4. Beautiful inspiration pictures. All look so relaxing and clean.

  5. Love them all, especially #3. I am considering painting all of my colored walls some shade of white. Funny how we change over the years!

  6. I so agree, white makes so much difference and I absolutely love it. All our walls in our house was painted grey when we moved in, but I quickly changed that :)

  7. Love each of the bedrooms you have featured - I spent an hour this morning on pinterest pinning blue & white bedrooms.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love the ocean and to have a home there would be a dream come true. Some lovely images to dream about in this post, Happy Weekend,

  9. They all look so cozy, I will take them all......I LoVe a comfy bed, esp. in the winter......
    TM xx

  10. Lovely bedrooms but No 2 is my favorite. I just love white and baskets.


  11. white on white yummo !!!! love it xoxox

  12. The four poster is awesome. So simple, yet with such impact. Just love rustic wood!!

  13. love the first one the best. we are so into blue and white right now. we're in the process of slowly turning our home from tuscan to white. i started with a bathroom that was painted dark olive. the white walls made me feel like i was bathing in light the next time i showered in there. it's wonderful.

  14. dreamy doesn't even begin to describe these lovely rooms! great photos & style...:) chris

  15. Such pretty, bright white spaces. Love the serene feeling they evoke!

  16. Lovely shots. You can't beat blue and white stripes
    Looking forward to seeing your finished room


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