Monday 12 August 2013

decorating with shells

The weekend of the city to surf usually signals warmer weather and clear blue skies to me and this weekend was a stunner. The city to surf is the world's largest run from Sydney city to Bondi Beach. This year 85,000 people entered! The course is 14km long and winds it's way around some of the most scenic parts of the harbour and coastline, much of where I have taken you with my camera. 

With summer on the way, here are a few quick and simple ideas to display shells and beach finds using every day objects.

I painted and sanded this rustic wooden bowl this weekend. I like how it looks with an $8 thrifted tablecloth and the mix of textures and natural colours in the shells and driftwood. 

Cover a recycled jar with a square of linen and tie with rope.

This is a cake stand that belonged to my grandmother.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.

See more ideas for decorating with shells here.


  1. I love shells, such simple beauty and they always remind me of the places I collect them.
    It's a bit sunnier in Melbourne thank goodness! x

    1. glad it's warming up a bit for you too penny! x

  2. Love the ideas. So simple. Thanks for sharing. Evelyne

  3. Wonderful!

    I have the glass jars . . . I have the shells . . . I have the rope . . . I am making the jars tomorrow.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  4. I have some jars I have done and I fill the big glass vases with some shells too . YOUR post is just lovely .. Just beautiful . Thanks for always sharing such beautiful ideas

  5. Nothing like some shells to brighten up a coastal home. The city to surf is always glorious weather for some reason.

  6. I love the little wooden bowl with shells. Wonderfully done.

  7. I love your ideas on how to decorate with shells. I picked some on the beach next to my parents'. They are small ordinary shells, but I wanted them to be like that and now, thanks to you I have ideas on how to display them.

  8. Love all of your ideas Beachcomber! I adore bottles with shells or starfish as the stopper. I've got so many shells from beach trips and enjoy using them to decorate. I've gotta look at your other ideas. There's nothing like being seaside and finding a treasure to cherish!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  9. Those are such great ideas, thank you for the inspiration.
    Sarah x

  10. Such dreamy shells! I love shells, they are my treasures/ finds from our beach holidays's. I have them in a huge bowl on our outdoor dining area. They are v special to me! xx


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