Friday 23 August 2013

you are what you eat

flower power cake

Eating healthy definitely doesn't have to be boring. There are lots of alternatives to a wheat, grain, dairy and sugar based diet and so many amazing recipes out there that not only taste good, they make you feel good too. 

You might have gathered that I believe in a healthy diet. I think my sister's struggle and passing away with cancer at the age of 50 had a huge impact on me as well a few health issues of my own have led me down that path. 

My daughter is in her final year of nutrition studies, so I'm lucky to have a live in health coach :)

How good do these healthy ideas look? Click on the link below each photo to be taken to the recipes.


  1. GOOD GRAVY ----awesomeness..and I want those pancakes right this second.. YUMO .. I am going to try and make some of those.. WHO knew

  2. Scrumtious! I hear you and I am trying very hard to get the rest of my family eating well. You are very lucky to have a daughter studying food! Love these recipes too! xx

  3. I cannot bear to eat food that is not packed with goodness. I don't understand how peeps can eat rubbish.

  4. I'm loving the look of that flower Power cake..... am trying to make a start on a much healthier diet myself especially for bub as he going to need me around for a long time yet and while I'm not an old mum (I'm 38) I want to be able to keep up with him as he gets older xo

  5. How pretty is that cake and how convenient having a nutritionist in the house! I love vegetables and am practically the point that if I eat rubbish, I feel the adverse affects straight away x

  6. It must be good to live with an expert! I love the flower power cake all the pictures look so healthy and tasty!
    Sarah x

  7. I am so sorry for your loss of your sister. I am trying to be more conscious about my food. To me it has become hard to know what to eat, what is good for us and what isn't - it seems like everything is tainted in some way or another & I don't think I am alone with the lack of knowledge about what I should or should not eat. All the photographs above look delicious. Thanks for reminding us the importance of making better choices.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  8. I agree: people seem to confuse healthy food for boring food... But there are so many healthy things!


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