Friday, 27 May 2011

i've been tagged!

i've been tagged by beth from boatshed chic for the Versatile Blogger award. according to beth,

"If you receive this award you list seven random things about yourself that people might find interesting and then give the award to ten to fifteen blogs that you've recently discovered. "

7 random things about me..

1. I first saw beth’s gorgeous boatshed and anna spiro's straddie house in country style magazine and apartment therapy. I later discovered their blogs and I was hooked.


anna spiros straddie house
absolutely beautiful things

2. I’d like to live in a boatshed.

3. We lived in the mountains for several years and I loved to ski. i missed the beach.

4. Blogging gives me the ability to connect with many wonderful, supportive people all over the world with the same interests as me, to share our creative ideas, fabulous finds and saves buying magazines.

5. I’m a part time teacher working with small groups of junior high school students, some with learning difficulties or from non English speaking and Aboriginal backgrounds. A very rewarding job that I love!

6. Having CFS taught me to appreciate the simple things in life.

7. I try to focus on the positive in everything and everyone, believe you make your own happiness and you are what you eat.

I’m passing the versatile blogger award on to just a few creative bloggers who inspire me

today i'm linked at 
french country cottage
miss mustard seed



  1. evening lovely C....

    I didn't realise you had such an amazing job....totally rewarding & i bet the kids are incredibly inspiring....
    i too, try to focus on the positive in everything & everyone...i know that's why we connected the moment i found your blog...

    so...thankyou for passing this very award on {you were very deserved of it!} & when i return from our road trip up to the Isle of Skye, i will share my 7 things & pass it on....

    heave a wonderful weekend my friend....Melissa xx

  2. Congrats. I look forward to your posts!

  3. Great answers Cheryl it's always nice to know more about fellow blogger.

    I've never come across the boatshed before but going by that picture alone I will definitely have to check it out!

    Hope you're having a lovely day - back to fantastic weather again, sigh - it's a hard life isn't it! :)

  4. I'm glad you were tagged. It's always so interesting finding out more about cool bloggers out there. I've never come across the 'boatshed chic' blog before so I'm going to head there too. I can totally understand why you would like to live in a boatshed. It would be amazing. I love your positive attitude. And what a fulfilling job. I'm wondering if you've ever heard of Esme Timbery? I remember seeing this show on her years ago and I found her so inspiring. I think she's from your neck of the woods somewhere. Would love to spend an afternoon with her learning her craft. That must have been scary having CFS. Skiing is an amazing skill to have mastered but you're right, nothing beats the beach!! Pruxxx

  5. Hello dear Cheryl
    Congrats on your award.. It's been great getting to know you and I've enjoyed all the wonderful coastal walk posts you've shared with us.. amongst other things..

    You know I remember Beth's article from ACS [my favourite mag without a doubt] and didn't know she had a blog.. will pop over to check it out.. I also found blogging via a mag.. but it was the Romantic Style and the blog was Cathy Penton's... So fabulous to discuss and share ideas and passion with other like minded people.

    Thanks for passing the award/tag to me!! so appreciated..I think I've been quite slack in the past at sharing the 7 things.. will have to lift my game

    Have a lovely weekend.. and thanks again.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. I love learning new things about other bloggers and your "things" told us a lot about you. What a wonderful job and a great outlook you have on your life! Congrats on a well-deserved award.

    I had to laugh about the remark you made on buying magazines - I feel the same way!


  7. Thanks for the award Cheryl! I can completely relate to your Point 4. It's the same reason I blog too. Hope you had a lovely weekend.


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