Wednesday 8 June 2011

the sunbaker

i love these black and white images by iconic australian photographer max dupain. 
the beaches of sydney were the inspiration for many of his famous photographs which defined australian beach culture at the time.
 "The sunbaker is completely relaxed and at one with the land. He lies with his back exposed to the sun, seawater and sweat sparkling on his skin. Dupain used a low-angle shot, which transforms the simple shapes of the man’s oval head and triangular torso into a mountain-like outcrop set against the horizon."
source-national gallery of australia

the sunbaker 1937
south coast nsw
surf race start 1940

banksias by the sea 1939

bondi 1939

at newport 1952

rescue & resuscitation 
manly 1940

group at bondi 1940's

she'll be right mate

max dupain
1911 - 1992



  1. I love black and white photography. I used to only take photos in black and white some time ago. I especially like the photo 'banksias by the sea 1939'. That is one I'd like to own. It's perfect the way the sand ripples like water.

  2. I love these photos - always a fan of the B&W :)

  3. What an icon that man was. His photos are something to inspire the amateur photographer to do better and better.
    Best Carolyn

  4. Love these old photographs too! So classy.

  5. I love them!
    Max Dupain was a genius!!!
    thanks for sharing,


  6. I too love Max Dupain's photographs! I think his images does for Australian beaches what Robert Doisneau's images does for the streets of Paris... he captured totally the ambience of the time, the places, and the people. Beautiful!


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