Friday 7 June 2013

beach hut cuties

Norfolk England

There's something very charming about a beach hut. We don't have them here in Sydney that I know of, but they are popular in Melbourne.  
I love the way these beach huts in the the Netherlands and on the English seaside have been painted and decorated on the inside and out. 

Lyme UK

A place to escape the heat of the sun in summer or get cosy in winter.


Teign Crest Hotel beach huts Shaldon UK

Brighton Beach huts Melbourne Australia

Mudeford England

Would you like a beach hut of your own?

Happy weekend!

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  1. When we went to Melbourne 12 years ago we specifically went to Brighton Beach so I could photograph the beach huts to use in one of my kid's rooms! They are so cute- wish someone thought of putting them here on some of our local beaches- it would so cool to own one!

  2. What fabulous photos. I would love to transform my bathroom into a beachy decor! Hugs!

  3. These are so cute. Colorful and Photogenic!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm so doing the whole beach hut thing when next in Devon! Such heartness!!! :D Hx

  5. I love how they look! That is such a cute interior of one too. Happy Friday! x

  6. Adore, adore! I so love the beach hut tradition. I have to check out the Teign Crest Hotel ones...

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  7. Those beach huts ate adorable. What a cute and useful idea. I don't know if any of the beaches in the US has huts. Too bad, they are very picturesque
    Oh, I LOVE the turquoise piece that you made over. Beautiful detailing that really shows up now. Great find and fabulous redo.
    I always forget that our seasons are backwards.
    Thanks again for shark g your part of the world!

  8. I would love a little beach hut of my own to decorate. Anything with a sea view reminds me of my childhood!

  9. A great selection of beach huts. As you know I love them!
    Sarah x

  10. I love beach huts - wonderful candy colors. We do not have them much on California beaches. My relatives in Norway have little beach huts, not far from their homes, but escapes for the day.

  11. oh how much I love these! Such a cute post!

  12. I'd love a beach hut. We went to the Norfolk beaches. Some of the huts there are amazing!!!

  13. love the brighton beach huts...I grew up on brighton beach and spent every summer in front of those friends owned one....I went to brighton beach state school! :)
    Bec x

  14. These are all so adorable, they instantly take you to a magical place!

  15. wow i've been to a beach house in the countryside so lovely forgot to take pictures but its very charming


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