Wednesday 26 June 2013

recycled pallets

With millions of wooden shipping pallets ending up in landfill every year, it's great to see people coming up with so many creative ways to reuse them. 
These are some of my favourite ideas.

swinging seat

small space gardening

adirondack chairs

pallet desk

indoor or outdoor furniture

Last Crumb recycled pallet cafe in Amsterdam

scandinavian style bed

This amazing pallet house was originally designed for refugee housing. 
See the full story here.

What do you think? 
Do you have any pallet recycling ideas?

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  1. I was going to say I loved the first one best- and then I saw the second and changed my mind - and then I saw the third and ...........I LOVE
    every single one of these - amazing resourcefulness - and beauty!!!

  2. we have made lots of things over the years from old pallets, including kitchen cupboard doors in our previous kitchen, unfortunately we can't get many pallets these days as the company we got them from no longer supplies hubbies work.

    1. i'd like to see the kitchen cupboard doors deanne. i asked at bunnings a while ago.. they said i could have as many pallets as i want. you could try your local hardware.

  3. That's my bed right there! I used another pallet as a headboard which doubles up as a night table. I can put my book and other things on the "shelf" and my bedside lamp is on the top.
    I used acrylic paint for a more rustic look, but I wouldn't recommend it; strange yellow stains have started seeping through. I'm going to have to paint it over in gloss.
    Lovely ideas, all!

  4. Wow I love this!!!I may have to go looking for some pallets so I can do something like this:) xx

  5. I love the pallet swing very much... With the sun finally appearing in Brittany, it gives me ideas...

  6. When my husband was in the working world I had access to as many pallets as I wanted. I don't have time now, but I think it would be fun to try one or two of the ideas.

    thanks for sharing so many fun ideas.

  7. These are wonderful ideas for recycling pallets. They are not so easy to come by here, but we did use some to make a compost bin. I have also seen a great idea for making a garden potting bench out of one. I now just need to find some!
    Sarah x

  8. They are all fabulous ideas. I guess there is lots of carbon stored in that wood.

  9. E' incredibile vedere come semplici assi si possono trasformare in elementi d' arredo !!!
    bellissima l' altalena !
    Complimenti per le nuovissime idee
    1 abbraccio virtuale OLLY


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