Wednesday 22 June 2011

simple things

it's the simple things that bring us the most happiness. stopping to smell the roses. today it was finding these pretty camellias on my way back from the beach, putting them in vintage bottles to make our place prettier, and loving the combination of aqua glass, soft pink and white.  

remember to stop and smell the roses.



  1. I love the flowers and the shells with the pretty aqua glass.


  2. Gorgeous! I'm envious of those gorgeous bottles!

  3. I love the bottles. I like that look alot. I'm going to try to find some for my roses.

  4. There are some beautiful camellias around at the moment and yours look stunning. Love your vintage bottle collection. I collected camellias the other day as well while out and about. LOVE them!! Leahx

  5. OK, I have roses that exact color being waisted in all the rain we are getting, and I have a bunch of those bottles. Now thanks to you I'm going to go cut my roses in the morning and put them in my bottles where I can enjoy them!

  6. know i looooove me some vintage bottles- and these are just gorgeous filled with flowers picked on your stroll around the gorgeous beaches....

    melissa x

  7. What a stunning display! LOVE how you scattered some of the leaves on the table too!

  8. Beautiful vignette Cheryl! I love the beachy feel of your home, so peaceful.
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Okay, my jealousy started at "on my way home from the BEACH!" So, I've decided to move to the beach! I WISH! That would be my DREAM! Maybe when the kids are all grown and out of the house. One down, one heading to college and one with ONLY 2 years left in high school! I'M GETTING THERE!

  10. Hello...

    What a beautiful summery vignette! I love the soft color and look of camellias. We just can't grow that beautiful flower here Colorado. I also love the pretty aqua colored bottles that you used for the camellias! Gorgeous, my friend! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us today!

    Warmest summery wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  11. The simple things are always a delight. Camellias already. Can believe it's 6 months til Christmas today!!! Yikes.

    The way you out it all together is always inspiring.
    Have a great weekend
    Best Carolyn

  12. Hi Cheryl,

    Simply soft and serene!! I love a single bloom in a vase, they say so much more than a whole bouquet!! Lovely...

    All the Best,

  13. Such a beautiful vignette--your flowers are lovely! Thanks so much for linking to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!


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